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A JavaScript refresh

09.07.14 Posted in JavaScript by

  Versions Assembly language of the web No compiling Tools REPL Getting started A dynamically typed language Variables and scope Type conversions Runtime exceptions Primitive and composite datatypes Boolean Number Object and properties Almost everything as an object Null and undefined Loops Array Iterator Date Function Context of execution Prototype, the good old friend Closure […]

Swift: Bouncing balls with built-in physics engine

06.06.14 Posted in Playgrounds, Swift by

Note: Source code (Bouncing Balls Example) available on Github I have been playing tonight with the built-in physics engine in SpriteKit. Like most Flash developers, I am sure you have played or used the Box2D engine in some projects. I have to admit, the APIs have always been pretty brutal to use. The engine that […]

Swift: Types conversion, subclassing, casting and drawing

06.04.14 Posted in Playgrounds, Swift by

Here is another Swift example, showing how to convert types, subclass a native one, perform casting and draw multiple shapes (like with the Drawing API) and make them move: // Playground – noun: a place where people can play // Consider this your Main class, basically the Stage // Note: The code below is for […]

Hello Swift/Playgrounds

06.03.14 Posted in Playgrounds, Swift by

Wow, it’s been a while. I have to say, the combination of Swift and Playgrounds (in XCode 6) brings a lot of fun. I spent the night playing with it, and I wanted to share a piece of code you can try and get started quickly. I could talk about the details of the language […]

Introducing Starling

09.21.11 Posted in Actionscript 3, Molehill by

I am excited to introduce today a new project we have been working on, called “Starling”. So what is it ? Starling is a 2D framework for game development developed in collaboration with the Austrian company Gamua (already behind the Sparrow-Framework on iOS), running on top of Stage3D (Molehill). It allows developers to leverage the […]
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