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Swift: Bouncing balls with built-in physics engine

Note: Source code (Bouncing Balls Example) available on Github I have been playing tonight with the built-in physics engine in SpriteKit. Like most Flash developers, I am sure you have played or used the Box2D engine in some projects. I have to admit, the APIs have always been pretty brutal to use. The engine that […]

Swift: Types conversion, subclassing, casting and drawing

Here is another Swift example, showing how to convert types, subclass a native one, perform casting and draw multiple shapes (like with the Drawing API) and make them move: // Playground – noun: a place where people can play // Consider this your Main class, basically the Stage // Note: The code below is for […]

Hello Swift/Playgrounds

Wow, it’s been a while. I have to say, the combination of Swift and Playgrounds (in XCode 6) brings a lot of fun. I spent the night playing with it, and I wanted to share a piece of code you can try and get started quickly. I could talk about the details of the language […]

Introducing Starling

I am excited to introduce today a new project we have been working on, called “Starling”. So what is it ? Starling is a 2D framework for game development developed in collaboration with the Austrian company Gamua (already behind the Sparrow-Framework on iOS), running on top of Stage3D (Molehill). It allows developers to leverage the […]