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Speaking at Max 2013

Adobe Max is coming on May 4-8th in Los Angeles and I will be giving 2 sessions:  Adobe Scout: Profiling Taken to the Next Level – Monday 3:30 PM – 515B (link - http://tinyurl.com/c8xs9vf) Description: Discover how you can perform advanced profiling of your Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR content across mobile and desktop. Profiling in Flash Player has been revolutionized, and Gavin Peacock and Thibault Imbert from the Adobe Scout

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Understanding Flash Player with Adobe Scout

Michael and Mark from the Scout team just published an awesome article on the internals of Flash Player and how it relates to Scout. I am sure you guys will love it. The article is available here on Devnet. The article starts with an overview, then dives into details like how Flash Player instances work, the core components, ActionScript 3 event handling and how “core loop”, the beating heart of

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Adobe Scout Video Tutorials

I created an official Adobe Scout channel on Vimeo with some video tutorials, from getting started infos to deep dive. I will keep adding more and more videos over time. Let me know if there are any topics you are particularly interested in! Have a look: 1. Adobe Scout – Getting Started 2. Adobe Scout – Mobile Companion App 3. Adobe Scout – Deep Dive  4. Adobe Scout – Beta

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Introducing Game Developer Tools (Gaming SDK, Adobe Scout, FlasCC)

I am really excited about what happened tonight. We just announced the introduction of the Adobe Game Developer Tools on Creative Cloud. You can read the official announcement here. As part of this, we are introducing three new products: Adobe Gaming SDK, FlasCC and Adobe Scout, which I have been working on for a year now. Here is a video about Adobe Scout and why it is going to change

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Project “Monocle”, profiling taken to the next level

Back in August, I posted a sneak peek video of project “Monocle” the next-generation profiling tool for ActionScript based content. Last week at GDC online, I gave a talk entitled “Changing the game” and demoed Monocle. Again, the feedback we had was unbelievable. I have been using Flash for 13 years now and I have seen lots of cool things happening in Flash. The introduction of AMF in Flash Player

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