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PlayScript, AS3 on steroids, powered by Mono

Zynga released this week an open-source project called PlayScript, allowing ActionScript 3 developers to target mobile platforms leveraging the Mono runtime. For the context, Mono is an open-source implementation of the .NET runtime, with support for C#, F# and other languages. You want to develop or reuse a library developed with these languages? Like an AI library using beautiful F#? No problem. (F# anyone?) Mono, allows you to target mobile

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Speaking at Max 2013

Adobe Max is coming on May 4-8th in Los Angeles and I will be giving 2 sessions:  Adobe Scout: Profiling Taken to the Next Level – Monday 3:30 PM – 515B (link - http://tinyurl.com/c8xs9vf) Description: Discover how you can perform advanced profiling of your Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR content across mobile and desktop. Profiling in Flash Player has been revolutionized, and Gavin Peacock and Thibault Imbert from the Adobe Scout

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Introducing Game Developer Tools (Gaming SDK, Adobe Scout, FlasCC)

I am really excited about what happened tonight. We just announced the introduction of the Adobe Game Developer Tools on Creative Cloud. You can read the official announcement here. As part of this, we are introducing three new products: Adobe Gaming SDK, FlasCC and Adobe Scout, which I have been working on for a year now. Here is a video about Adobe Scout and why it is going to change

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Adobe Gaming Summit 2012

Last week, we organized an internal “Adobe Gaming Summit” to help product teams working in Gaming, Flash runtimes and tools teams better understand how game developers are using our products today. The speakers included developers from companies such as Frima, Gamua, Kixeye, Photonstorm, Rumble, Rovio, Ubisoft, Yamago and Zynga. The summit was an amazing opportunity for Adobe to get customer feedback on what needs to be improved to better support

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Introducing the Molehill 3D APIs

I am sure you guys have heard about what we just announced at the Max keynote this morning. I am happy to share this with you guys Another video from MaxRacer (by Alternativa) demoed at Max Keynote Day 1 built on top of Alternativa 8, leveraging the upcoming 3D Molehill APIs : Tom demoes the Peer 2 Peer feature he developed for MaxRacer : MAX Racer – 3D Flash Game

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