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The Molehill room, Adobe office in San Francisco

A few months ago, we were so excited when we heard we had the opportunity to name a room. So we thought about it with the team and it was clear to us what the name should be, so we wrote a little description too

Introducing Starling

I am excited to introduce today a new project we have been working on, called “Starling”. So what is it ? Starling is a 2D framework for game development developed in collaboration with the Austrian company Gamua (already behind the Sparrow-Framework on iOS), running on top of Stage3D (Molehill). It allows developers to leverage the power of the GPU without diving into the low-level details of the Stage3D APIs (available

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Handling scenarios with Stage3D (Molehill)

Yesterday, Terry Paton posted a note on Google Plus, about detecting different scenarios with Stage3D (Molehill), like is it running in software, or is Stage3D available in the Flash Player running my SWF ? It actually reminded me that a little explanation of the different scenarions may be helpful. It may sound complex at the beginning, but actually it is not, once you will have integrated this into your code,

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