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Adobe Flash Player 10.3 is live, and some Incubator refreshments!

A few months ago, I was announcing the availability of Flash Player 10.2 and Flash Player 10.3 beta. Here we are with Flash Player 10.3 live on desktop and Android, introducing many features covered through this post. I am also super happy to announce that we just released a new Incubator build introducing features we are currently working on (in bold the ones we introduce with this Incubator refresh) :

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Molehill on mobile devices

Last week at FITC, Lee Brimelow demoed Molehill running in AIR on a mobile platform (Android) for the first time. It seems like you guys liked it! As we stated earlier, Molehill has been designed from the ground up with mobile in mind, on mobile platforms Molehill (Stage3D) is using OpenGL ES2. You guys will be able to leverage the Molehill APIs on mobile platforms for 2D and 3D rendering,

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Adidas Megalizer – Behind the scenes

In the following article, I am going to outline a project that we have been working on for Adidas to help them promote the release of their sneaker collection MEGA. We’ve basically created a system that would allow dancers to create their own beat or music with their shoes. Some sort of modern tap dancing

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 is live!

There we are, I am happy to announce that the Adobe Flash Player 10.2 is live since a few minutes. (Debugger builds available here) I covered the list of features a few weeks ago, Flash Player 10.2 ships with Stage Video for high performance video playback and also the very cool native mouse cursors feature that game developers will love but also some performance optimizations with IE9 and also text

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Digging more into the Molehill APIs

A few months ago, we announced at Max 2010 in Los Angeles, the introduction of the Molehill APIs in the Adobe Flash runtimes on mobile and desktop. For more infos check the “Molehill” page on Adobe Labs. I wanted to give you guys more details about Molehill, some more technical details on how it is going to work from an ActionScript developer standpoint. So let’s get started What is Molehill?

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