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Concurrency in JavaScript

09.05.14 Posted in JavaScript by

Just like with Flash, JavaScript code runs by default on the UI thread, and any expensive computation will usually affect the UI responsiveness. As you may know, at 60 fps, you have around 16ms (1000ms/60) per frame to do what you have to do (computations, rendering and other misc logic). If you exceed that budget, […]

Introducing Flash Player 11.4/AIR 3.4 beta!

06.19.12 Posted in 3D, AIR, Flash Player, Stage3D by

I am super happy to announce that we just posted today Flash Player 11.4/AIR 3.4 beta builds, and you guys need to check what we have for you! ActionScript Workers We are bringing concurrency to ActionScript developers through ActionScript Workers (Flash Player and AIR desktop only for now).I posted some details about it 2 weeks […]

Sneak Peek of Future of the Flash Runtime!

04.11.11 Posted in 3D, Actionscript 3, Flash Player, Inside the Flash Player, Video by

For those who have missed this,¬†Arno Gourdol, leading the Flash Runtime engineering team presented a session at Flash Camp Brasil last week entitled, Future of the Flash Runtime.¬†Arno unveiled some very cool features we are working on right now, and I wanted to make sure you guys know about those in case you did not […]
Fun with code since 2006.