WiiFlash : Wiimote in Flash on a PC

  I posted Joystick Control in AS3 with the Player 9, now it’s time for more, the other day I was in Paris with Joa (that man is crazy ), and there it is Fun stuff to come Of course as Joa says, if you want to support our work you may donate some Macarons

PageFlip class

Well, it’s just a simple low-level class to perform some pageflip drawing. It’s supports the 4 corners flip and vertical / horizontal mode. Here’s the result (show the source) This project is OPEN SOURCE under RPL License. 2007-01-18 v1.0 pageflip_v1_0.zip (c) by Lillycat (from MinaLoween) If you are looking for a very talented freelancer illlustrator (french touch inside !), please contact lillycat [__at__] lillycat [__dot__] net.

MoCap experience

MoCap is the acronym for Motion Capture which is technique of digitally recording points movements in 3 dimensions. I carried out some litle experimentations about play & parse some MoCap datas files at runtime. Here’s an Acclaim ASF parsing demo (thanks to new RegExp AS3 class !) Here’s a Simple Biovision BVA playing demo I have much ideas about MoCap applications like : Full 3D Mocap Player Flash IDE wireframe

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Bump Mapping

Bump Mapping is a graphic technique to render some relief effects. The algorithm apply a light perturbation to each pixel according to its normal vector and a light position. The heights of each pixel is calculated from a Height Map (aka Bump Map). Here’s a simple demo, and another one applied to a texture. This algorithm is a remake of an old AS2 one, check the difference !

Bitmap Drawing API

I’ve just begun to write a Raster class which provides some drawing methods onto BitmapData instances (pixel per pixel) : Code example : // create the BitmapData to work on var pixels:Raster = new Raster(320, 240, true); // draw stuff pixels.drawRoundRect( new Rectangle ( 20, 20, 200, 100), 18, 0xFF00FFFF ); pixels.drawRect( new Rectangle ( 70, 70, 100, 100 ), 0xFF009900 ); pixels.filledTri( 40, 40, 80, 110, 50, 30, 0xFF998811

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