Project “Monocle”, profiling taken to the next level

Adobe project "Monocle"Back in August, I posted a sneak peek video of project "Monocle" the next-generation profiling tool for ActionScript based content. Last week at GDC online, I gave a talk entitled "Changing the game" and demoed Monocle. Again, the feedback we had was unbelievable.

I have been using Flash for 13 years now and I have seen lots of cool things happening in Flash. The introduction of AMF in Flash Player 6 (Flash Remoting) allowing fast and efficient RPC communications taking care of serialization for you (AMFPHP, anyone? Props to Patrick Mineault). Damn, that was nice. The introduction of BitmapData in Flash Player 8, which enabled so much expressiveness and Flash Player 9 with ActionScript 3 and a world of new possibilities. I think Monocle is the next big thing happening to Flash, it will just revolutionize the way we work with Flash Player and AIR.

I got lots of emails and tweets from people asking to get on the prerelease. I am really excited to announce that all of you guys can now get access to "Monocle"!

Please register, test Monocle, look for bugs, give us feedback! So what do you need to get started?

1. Register here.
2. Download Flash Builder 4.7 Game Development Beta 2 with Project Monocle Support.
3. Compile your project and make sure the compiler option "Enable Detailed Telemetry" is enabled. Joseph Labrecque has posted great details here.
4. If you are using Flash Pro or have existing SWFs you don't want to recompile. We provide a little python script to post process you SWF and make them profilable.

I hope you guys will love it. Enjoy!

Update 01/10/13: Project "Monocle" is now Adobe Scout and has been released through the Game Developer Tools on Creative Cloud. More details here: