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WiiFlash LogoI posted Joystick Control in AS3 with the Player 9, now it's time for more, the other day I was in Paris with Joa (that man is crazy ;) ), and there it is :)

Fun stuff to come ;)

Of course as Joa says, if you want to support our work you may donate some Macarons :)

PageFlip class

Well, it's just a simple low-level class to perform some pageflip drawing. It's supports the 4 corners flip and vertical / horizontal mode.
Here's the result (show the source)

Open Source This project is OPEN SOURCE under RPL License.
2007-01-18 v1.0 pageflip_v1_0.zip

(c) by Lillycat (from MinaLoween)

If you are looking for a very talented freelancer illlustrator (french touch inside !), please contact lillycat [__at__] lillycat [__dot__] net.

MoCap experience

MoCap is the acronym for Motion Capture which is technique of digitally recording points movements in 3 dimensions.

I carried out some litle experimentations about play & parse some MoCap datas files at runtime.

Here's an Acclaim ASF parsing demo (thanks to new RegExp AS3 class !)
Here's a Simple Biovision BVA playing demo

I have much ideas about MoCap applications like :

  • Full 3D Mocap Player
  • Flash IDE wireframe MoCap timeline drawer (JSFL)
  • 3D/2D Character animator

and much more...

Must read :
M. Meredith and S.Maddock Mocap File formats explanations : PDF[en]

Studied formats :

  • ASF (Acclaim Skeleton File)
  • AMC (Acclaim Motion Capture)
  • BVA (BioVision Animation)
  • BVH (BioVision Hierarchical)

Bump Mapping

Bump Mapping is a graphic technique to render some relief effects. The algorithm apply a light perturbation to each pixel according to its normal vector and a light position.

The heights of each pixel is calculated from a Height Map (aka Bump Map).

Here's a simple demo, and another one applied to a texture.


This algorithm is a remake of an old AS2 one, check the difference !

Bitmap Drawing API

I've just begun to write a Raster class which provides some drawing methods onto BitmapData instances (pixel per pixel) :

Code example :

// create the BitmapData to work on
var pixels:Raster = new Raster(320, 240, true);

// draw stuff
pixels.drawRoundRect( new Rectangle ( 20, 20, 200, 100), 18, 0xFF00FFFF );
pixels.drawRect( new Rectangle ( 70, 70, 100, 100 ), 0xFF009900 );
pixels.filledTri( 40, 40, 80, 110, 50, 30, 0xFF998811 );
pixels.aaCircle(100, 100, 40, 0x77AA88 );
pixels.circle(40, 40, 30, 0xFF000000);
pixels.line(10, 10, 60, 80, 0xFF000000 );

// show it
addChild ( new Bitmap ( pixels ) );

Here's a simple demonstration

Open Source This project is OPEN SOURCE under RPL License.
2009-10-16 v1.4 raster_v1_4.zip
2007-01-07 v1.3 raster_v1_3.zip
2007-01-07 v1.2 raster_v1_2.zip
2007-01-07 v1.1 raster_v1_1.zip
2007-01-07 v1.0 raster_v1_0.zip


V1.4 API :

This class use
rastering : Bresenham algorithm
anti-alias rendering : Xiaolin Wu algorithm

Authors (contribution) :
Didier Brun (original class)
Drew Cummins (bezier curves)
Thibault Imbert (performance optimizations, rectangles)