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Writing cross-platform apps with Node-WebKit

07.29.14 Posted in JavaScript, Node.js by

Last week, the daycare where my son stays told me they were desperately looking for an application to save them a lot of precious time. Every month, they have someone from the school spend 3 hours dealing with invoices. The process is crazy manual, no automation at all: An Excel (xls) spreadsheet contains all the […]

Swift: Preloading an image and displaying it

07.14.14 Posted in Swift by

Note: Source code (RemoteImage) available on Github Yesterday, I explained how to use the NSURLConnection API to load a remote JSON file. Today I will show you how to use the same API to load a remote image. In fact, the NSURLConnection, similar to URLStream (in AS3) can load pretty much anything, basically it will […]

Swift: Loading and parsing a remote JSON file

07.12.14 Posted in Swift by

Note: Source code (RemoteJSON) available on Github Loading something remotely is a pretty simple task in Flash. We can use the URLStream or URLLoader object, a URL is wrapped inside a URLRequest object, we call the load() API and we are done. So I was wondering what it looks like in Swift and specifically loading a […]

Swift: ARC vs Flash GC

07.08.14 Posted in Actionscript 3, Swift by

In ActionScript 3, memory is managed through the help of a garbage collector that allocates and deallocate objects through the application lifecycle. The garbage collector (GC) allocates memory when a new object is created, scans the objects graph periodically, detects unreferenced objects and deallocated them, pretty useful. AS3 is not the only language that relies on […]

Swift: Overflowing

06.29.14 Posted in Actionscript 3, Swift by

As you guys know, I always loved playing with binary stuff, and one of the frustrating thing in ActionScript has always been the lack of more granular data types. In ActionScript 3, whatever type you use, it will either occupy 64 or 32 bits in memory, even for a simple boolean. Not super optimized. So if you […]
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