Past Projects



Stage Video made easy.


Starling (2D GPU framework).

Arcade Space Invaders (Intel8080 CPU) Emulator

A simple arcade AS3 "Space Invaders" emulator.


WiiFlash is an open-source project that gives you access to the Wiimote capabilites for the Flash platform.

Pratique d'ActionScript 3

Free Open-Source ActionScript 3 Book (1100 pages - French)

Optimizing Performance for the Adobe Flash Platform

Optimizing Performance for the Adobe Flash Platform

Optimizing Performance for the Adobe Flash Platform (87 pages - English)

Optimizing Flash Ads

Optimizing Flash Ads

Optimizing Flash Ads (36 pages - English)

What can you do with bytes ?

What can you do with bytes ? - Free Book

Free Book to learn everything about bytes (ByteArray) in ActionScript 3.

Introducing Starling (Tutorial - September 2011)

Starling Getting Started Guide

Free "Getting started guide" to learn everything about Starling (2D GPU framework) in ActionScript 3.

Introducing Starling (January 2012)

Introducing Starling

Free book at O'Reilly to learn everything about Starling (2D GPU framework) in ActionScript 3.
eBook version of the "Getting Started guide" above.

Query Graphics Data

Query Graphics Data Demo

Demonstration of graphics querying, to deconstruct/reconstruct complex display object at runtime 

Drawing Things

Simple tool which allows free drawing and export to JPEG automatically sent by email.

Adidas Megalizer

Adidas Megalizer Project

Adidas Megalizer project, using Adobe AIR and external devices interaction.

Liquid Components

Liquid Components is a brand new component set for Adobe Flash CS3.


Raster is an open source bitmap drawing class.


Mouse Gesture

MouseGesture is an open source class to perform some Mouse Gesture recognition

Banana Slice

Banana Slice lets you rasterize your MovieClip animations at runtime

RGB Wheel Tracker

RGB Wheel Tracker

RGB recognition algorithm



ScaleBitmap allows you to resize dynamically any Bitmap (just like a MovieClip.scale9Grid).

Scale Bitmap V2 improves existing capabilities of ScaleBitmap with a few other optimizations (memory, ScaleBitmapSprite, etc.)


SideDetector allow you to detect which side of a DisplayObject is currently shown

Remoting Service

Remoting Service is a NetConnection wrapper to make things easy with Flash Remoting in Flash CS3



FlashStick is a C# server which lets you plug any Joystick in Flash with AS3

Game Controllers in AIR 2.0

Game Controllers in Adobe AIR 2.0

A Simple demo using JInput to connect any game controller to AIR 2.0.

Live JPEG Encoder

Live JPEG Encoder

Class/Application to capture any content into a JPEG file (JPEG Encoding corelib class).


JPEGDecoder allows you to decode a JPEG file and extract informations such as image dimensions, color components and pixels.

Optimized JPEG Encoder

An optimized version (4 times faster) of the JPEG encoding class from the corelib for Flash Player 10.


Page Flip

A simple low-level class to perform some pageflip drawing. It's supports the 4 corners flip and vertical / horizontal mode.


SMTP Mailer

SMTPMailer lets you send HTML e-mails with attached files through SMTP.


SMTP Mailer

Playing with sound and curves.

Rendering spectrums

Playing with Sound.extract().


MicRecorder Library

MicRecorder, a tiny microphone library.

XFL Gourmet

XFL Gourmet

XFL Gourmet, bad practices detector chef.


SmileyRenderer allows you to handle static and animated smileys (GIF) in a paragraph. (Flash Player 10 Text Engine)

GIF Animation Encoder

GIF Encoder

A GIF encoding class to generate animated GIF from Flash.

GIF Player

GIF Player

A GIFPlayer class to play animated GIF in AS3



ASZip lets you generate Zip files from scratch with AS3.



AlivePDF lets you generate PDF files with AS3.


SWFExplorer lets you retrieve all the linked-classes available in an ActionScript 3 SWF.

FLVSlicer (Slicing and merging capabilities)

FLVSlicer allows you to slice an FLV at runtime in ActionScript 3. Multiple slices can also be merged into a single FLV thanks to FLVSlicer.

LAME MP3 Encoder in AIR 2.0

A Simple demo running LAME MP3 Encoder in AIR 2.0.