After working with the GIF format in ActionScript 3 since a few days, I wanted to be able to load animated GIF's into the player which is not possible for the moment. If you load a GIF file with the flash.display.Loader class you will only get the first frame of the animation.

With this new GIFPlayer class, everything is handled, I have added some methods as you would call on a traditional flash.display.MovieClip

To load an animated GIF you would do :

// we create the GIFPlayer, it plays automatically by default
var myGIFPlayer:GIFPlayer = new GIFPlayer();
// we show it
addChild ( myGIFPlayer );
// we load a gif file
myGIFPlayer.load ( new URLRequest ("animation.gif") );
// you can also load any valid GIF stream (ByteArray) with the loadBytes method (version 0.2)
myGIFPlayer.loadBytes ( gifStream );
// listen for the IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR event, dispatched when the GIF fails to load
myGIFPlayer.addEventListener ( IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, onIOError );
// listen for the GIFPlayerEvent.COMPLETE event, dispatched when GIF is loaded
myGIFPlayer.addEventListener ( GIFPlayerEvent.COMPLETE, onCompleteGIFLoad );
// listen for the FrameEvent.FRAME_RENDERED event, dispatched when a GIF frame is rendered on screen
myGIFPlayer.addEventListener ( FrameEvent.FRAME_RENDERED, onFrameRendered );
// listen for the FileTypeEvent.INVALID event, dispatched when an invalid file is loaded
myGIFPlayer.addEventListener ( FileTypeEvent.INVALID, onInvalidFileLoaded );
// get total frames
// standard methods;

Please test it, and let me know if you got good results. Please don't load huge GIF files, some optimization will be done for this one in the following days.

Online Demo :

A Flash animation should have appeared here, but it seems that your browser has an older version of the Flash Player or it is not installed at all. Please, install the last release of the Flash Player now, then reload this page.

Projects using GIFPlayer Class :

Piterwilson did a funny experiment with this and the GIFAnimation Encoder class.

Sources and documentation available at