I have to admit that I just love animated GIF's, it reminds me the old school days playing the SNES ;)

Recently I found a java GIF encoder and decided to implement it in AS3, ok maybe some people will say it's just unuseful but here it is, I love it !

Everything is encoded through the player. Then you know the story, the GIF stream is sent through AMFPHP to a server to download it, and then save it to your hard disk. Any kind of images can be included in the final GIF, each frame is a flash.display.BitmapData object.

I'll post the sources in a few days, I want to add some more features, stay tuned !

Piterwilson did a funny experiment with this and the GIFPlayer class.

Here is how to generate an animated GIF stream in ActionScript 3 :

// we create the GIF encoder
var myGIFEncoder:GIFEncoder = new GIFEncoder();
// we call the start method to start a new GIF file stream
// we call the setRepeat method with 0 as parameter so that it loops
//we specify each frame delay in ms before each addFrame call
myGIFEncoder.setDelay ( 100 );
//we add each BitmapData as frames with the addFrame method
myGIFEncoder.addFrame( new BitmapData ( 200, 200 ) );
// we finalize the GIF stream by calling the finish method
// then you retrieve the GIF ByteArray with the stream getter
var myGIFStream:ByteArray = myGIFEncoder.stream;

Online Demo :

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The GIF Encoder looks nice on the Web Flash Festival 2007 screen :)

GIF Encoder on Screen

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