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WiiFlash – Rotation demo

03.21.07 Posted in Actionscript 3, WiiFlash by

On saturday, just before the session Joa and I wanted to show a little demo about rotation in WiiFlash, check the new video at

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  1. Activ says:

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  2. fs says:

    vas y quoi ! rase toi et dors un peu merde ! t’es tout blème ! Blafard !

    haha Sinon c’est marrant, mais t’en en train de faire une charlotte aux fraises avec 8 kilos de chantilly ca va un moment mais après c’est un peu lourd et très peu digeste ! Et du papervision, et de la wiimote, et du flash, et c#. Il te manque plus qu’un serveur perl pour broadcaster les événements sur un serveur et t’as le ponpon !

    Donc, les démonstrations techniques c’est bien mais ont veux du “vrai vrai” quoi ! Du hard amat ! comme la vidéo d’pamela et tommy lee !

  3. Thibault Imbert says:

    c’est pour bientôt fs ;)

  4. mOon says:


    A quand Flash et la PS3 !:)

  5. Thibault Imbert says:

    qui sait m0on ;)

  6. Jason says:

    I’m getting somewhat desparate with a WiiFlash server problem. I tried asking on both the WiiFlash list and the general osFlash list hoping some more people who used WiiFlash would listen, but no response that helped.

    I have purchased a Kensington USB Bluetooth dongle. I installed the drivers that came with it, and Windows XP can then detect input from the Wiimote just fine. Great! However, WiiFlash server does not detect any Wiimote. So then some of you here and in the archives suggesting using Blue Soleil software instead – I downloaded that and intsalled it, but Blue Soleil does not “see” the Wiimote at all like the Kensington Bluetooth software does, and of course WiiFlash still does not recognize the remote. I have also tried one of the older console versions of the WiiFlash server someone e-mailed to me.

    What to do? I’ve got to get this working, it’s for an actual project at work, not some hobby project I’m just goofing around with. Thank you!

  7. eyeclipse says:

    Hi Thibault!
    I don’t now if you saw this “minority video”; amazing O_o’


  8. Thibault Imbert says:

    Hi eyeclipse,

    Yes, it is very very nice :)
    Great idea !


  9. June says:

    I’ve just wondered about why it doesn’t download this demo. Could you send it to me by e-mail please? I’m really curious about this.
    I downloaded another demos in this site, and very impressed. How can you connect with Wii through Flash? Brilliant!..

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