What can you do with bytes ?Writing the previous book was a very interesting experience. A few days ago, I decided to start the writing of a new book called "What can you do with bytes in ActionScript 3 ?"

The idea is to cover different topics (through 7 chapters) related to binary and discover some cool things you can do with it in ActionScript 3.

This book will be free and available as a downloadable PDF like the first version of "Pratique d'ActionScript 3". I will write it in English so that everybody can read it (this time!) :)

English reviewers will be very welcome to improve my English through the chapters ! :)

Download :

Chapter 1 - The first bits
Chapter 2 - Everyday bytes
Chapter 3 - Encoders
Chapter 4 - Parsers
Chapter 5 - Low-level networking
Chapter 6 - External devices
Chapter 7 - Emulators