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Speaking at Max 2013

03.04.13 Posted in Adobe Scout, HTML by

Adobe Max is coming on May 4-8th in Los Angeles and I will be giving 2 sessions: Adobe Max 2013 - Los Angeles

Adobe Scout: Profiling Taken to the Next Level - Monday 3:30 PM - 515B (link -

Description: Discover how you can perform advanced profiling of your Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR content across mobile and desktop. Profiling in Flash Player has been revolutionized, and Gavin Peacock and Thibault Imbert from the Adobe Scout team are your guides to the latest innovations. Join us for a deep dive into next-generation profiling.

This session will include:

  • Introduction to Adobe Scout and its potential uses
  • Technical demonstration on how to use the tool to profile both desktop and mobile content
  • Best practices and tips

We will also unveil some of the new features coming in Scout in the future. You cannot miss this session if you care about performance analysis!

HTML5 for ActionScript 3.0 developers - Monday 5:00 PM - 510 (link -

Description: Have you been developing content with ActionScript 3.0 for years and want to take a look at JavaScript? Join Thibault Imbert for a deep dive into JavaScript and HTML5 and discover how they are different from ActionScript 3.0. This session will review the major capabilities available in Adobe Flash Player and AIR and demonstrate the equivalents using web standards.

I will cover:

  • Differences and similarities between JavaScript and ActionScript 3.0
  • An overview of browser APIs and capabilities to power expressive content
  • Profiling and performance optimizations

I will be sharing in this talk how to transition to HTML/JS from an interactive developer standpoint moving from AS3/C#/C++. I started working on a free ebook about this topic called "JavaScript for interactive developers", this session will be a sneak peek of  it.

I hope to see you there!

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  1. Thibault Imbert says:

    Hi Elliot,

    No I am not forced, I wanted to. I will be talking soon on the blog about some the stuff I have been working on.

    On why not transpiling AS3, because ES6 will be basically like AS3 with even more things, so why? At this point TypeScript provides a very close feature set to what you have in AS3 today.

    Also, on cross-compilation I think Microsoft could have done the same thing with C# and they decided not to do so. One of the reason is that by cross-compiling from a language that has nothing to do with the environment you are targeting, you have to recreate the entire ecosystem of libraries around it. You want to use JQuery? You want to use Modernizr? All of these have to be surfaced in the language you write inside the cross-compiler to allow cross-compilation, and that is costly. If you want to bring any existing library inside your project, if it is not supported by the SDK, you will probably not be able to leverage it. I think this is a big limitation.

    I don’t want to sound like a TypeScript evangelist, but again, TypeScript makes you write JavaScript code, so you stay in a familiar environment that can interop easily with the existing set of libraries that exist today, plus, you are not learning yet another language.


  2. Frank says:

    Hi Thibault,

    All bullcrap aside – where is the whole Flash/AIR ecosystem heading to? I am sorry but to point people on Flash/AIR’s roadmap is an utter nonsense, we all know what was written in the roadmap before and what is written in the roadmap now. Adobe is practically laughing to our faces and I will never, and I mean NEVER, trust this company again. I have spent a whole bunch of money on tooling, years of supporting it any way I could but this is over. For years it has been convincing us how it is going to devote to Flash and then this… First of all, I don’t particularly care about Flash on web (however it has its use for some complicated RIA’s), but I do care about AIR. We have a surprising amount of projects where we are using it and it simply ‘cannot’ be dropped… I am quite OK with Java, Javascript, Obj-C but design-wise nothing can beat Flash. If Adobe does not understand they have one of the most powerful (if not the MOST powerful) designing/programing tool, I am truly sad for them. Could you give us some insights that may be not in the roadmap? Could you tell us how many people were working in the flash team and how many they are working now? Could you tell us whether it will be outsourced somewhere to Pakistan? Could you tell us something, that would actually calm down the people who still love it? If you are not allowed to comment on anything about this, just tell us, we will understand.

  3. Thibault Imbert says:

    Hi Frank,

    Yes, I have said enough I think. I hope you understand.

    One day, we should grab a beer ;)


  4. mpmedia says:

    People you can move to Haxe now , it will be a smooth transition to JS . Check out HAXE + NME for a air like solution , it’s going to be big in the future.
    @Thibault , merci pour tout, vraiment , j’ai débuté avec ton livre sur AS3.
    Bonne continuation !!!

  5. Romil says:

    This is Romil, from Flash Runtime Engineering Team.

    With browser vendors increasingly providing functionality that makes it possible to deploy rich graphics directly via browser, Adobe does plan to invest in this space, which includes HTML based gaming.

    In the short to medium term however, the Flash runtimes provide a number of key advantages and differentiators as a gaming platform. So, Adobe has absolutely NOT halted the work on new features and improvements. We are actively making improvements to Flash and AIR and are still dedicated to doing so.

    We have a pretty large team working on AIR and Flash to bring you new capabilities. Bill Howard is the GPM for the Runtimes, and he plans to focus on work that enables game developers to be more efficient and make more money.

    Also, we just released the beta versions of Flash Player 11.7 and Adobe AIR 3.7 on Labs, where we have tried to address some of the long requested features and bugs.

    Hope that helps in clarifying some of the concerns around Flash and AIR. :)

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