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Understanding Flash Player with Adobe Scout

01.22.13 Posted in Actionscript 3 by

Display List renderingMichael and Mark from the Scout team just published an awesome article on the internals of Flash Player and how it relates to Scout. I am sure you guys will love it. The article is available here on Devnet.

The article starts with an overview, then dives into details like how Flash Player instances work, the core components, ActionScript 3 event handling and how "core loop", the beating heart of the Flash Player works.

It does not stop there and also covers topics like rendering side and how the display list works but also the network stack and more. The article ends with general GPU related performance issues. A must read for every ActionScript 3 developer.

5 Responses to “Understanding Flash Player with Adobe Scout”

  1. This is awesome! I love the level of detail explained with some of the internal runtime stuff.

  2. great amount of information this will help us understanding all the scout data

  3. Gary Paluk says:

    Well written up and some nice little gems of info in there, thanks.

  4. HB says:

    Looks awesome, now I need damn 48 or 72 hours days so I have the spare time needed to read it :/.

  5. Kevin says:

    I wish they went into detail, though… ( yes, I am just kidding )

    That is a great article, I have only briefly scanned it and will need to spend more time delving deeper. Thanks for the link :)

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