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Just received the Starling books! Grab one!

01.19.13 Posted in Actionscript 3, Stage3D, Starling by

Starling bookWhat a cool surprise today, I received the print copies of the Starling book. For recall, the book has been available for a year now at O'Reilly's website as a downloadable ebook.

I read lots of digital books but I still enjoy reading stuff the old school way, I am sure you do too. Adobe ordered some hard copies that we will be able to distribute at some events. It feels great to physically hold it! For info, this printed version has the latest updates I added last month that I mentioned here.

I thought it would be cool to give a few free copies, if you want to have it or have colleagues that would be interested. The first twenty comments will receive a free copy. Just put your real email when commenting so that I can reach out to you ;) They are all gone!

Have a good reading!

58 Responses to “Just received the Starling books! Grab one!”

  1. Wolfgang Klopf says:

    Unfortunately, I have seen your post too late. If there is still a chance to get one I would love to have one

  2. Sargis Saribekyan says:

    Hi Thibault
    have you sent an email for the addresses?
    I didn’t receive email yet :(

  3. Frank says:

    I haven’t got the email either… :( (assuming it was sent out)

  4. Zaphod says:

    Hey, Thibault! Did you send emails to first 20 commenters?

  5. Alan says:

    Any news as to when the (real) book will be available for purchase?

  6. david d says:

    Hi – the physical book isn’t listed on the oriely site – I’d like to buy a copy – but where?

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