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Angry Birds Star Wars powered by Starling

12.18.12 Posted in Actionscript 3, Stage3D, Starling by

Angry Birds - Star WarsA new version of Angry Birds has been launched recently by our friends at Rovio, please meet Angry Birds Star Wars!

Note that Angry Birds earlier this year (February 2012) was the first super popular game to use the Stage3D APIs through the use of the Starling framework.

We are super excited to see this new version also powered by Starling, have fun! See you on Tatooine.

7 Responses to “Angry Birds Star Wars powered by Starling”

  1. david mouton says:

    Is it the same thing on Android and IOS ?

  2. Thibault Imbert says:

    Hi David,

    Good question. I will ask them to know which technology they used for the mobile version.


  3. otomo says:

    I doubt that they used Air for their mobile version.

  4. ferber says:

    Existe t’il un listing des jeux (ayant au minimum la qualité de utilisant flash ?

  5. YeahBoi says:

    These corporate companies never give enough credit. :( The jerks!

  6. YeahBoi says:


    Of course they did.

  7. jloa says:

    Dah, Thibault, you’ve just killed my work day, can’t stop playing ^_^

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