Felix - SpellCubesI wanted to highlight a very nice and polished production using Starling called SpellCubes developed by RIActivate ApS. Spell Cubes is the well-known alphabet cubes found in many children’s room. Here is a little description of the app below from the SpellCubes website:

We believe that communication is key to human development, and that learning the alphabet is a crucial part of this development. Learning to read and write a language demands experience of the alphabet. You must learn each letters individual form, phonetic sound and how it in combination with other letters form a word.

That’s why we created Spell Cubes!

Spell Cubes brings the phonetic sound to the alphabet cubes, and shows how letters form a word. Spell Cubes lets you create and manage words, in different languages, for your child to play with, and spell over and over. Spell Cubes is the toddlers first playful meeting with the phonetic alphabet and the preschoolers place to experience a fun way to learn to spell new words.

The application looks gorgeous and is powered by Starling and Feathers, download it for your iPad!