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Smart Aliens – A social hangman powered by AIR and Starling

11.16.12 Posted in Actionscript 3, Molehill, Monocle by

Smart AliensAnother beautiful game that has just shipped on iOS, Smart Aliens. The team at Etamin Studio has done an amazing job one this game, I seriously love the graphics. The game is powered by Starling and the team used ATF textures and project Monocle for performance optimizations and some ActionScript Native Extensions for in-App purchase and other things. If you need more information about the technologies used, use the “Feedback” form or the “Ask me anything” form.

The team is planning an Android version if this first release is successful and a Facebook version could also be produced if needed.

If you want to know more about the development of Smart Aliens, go check this post detailing how the game was built.

5 Responses to “Smart Aliens – A social hangman powered by AIR and Starling”

  1. @Seraf_NSS says:

    Time killer :)
    Awesome game

  2. Szymon Brych says:

    Quite impressive. Stuff looks really polished and performs really nice.

  3. mama says:

    Vachement chouette et bon travail sur la partie “items selling” autour d’un gameplay vieux comme le monde :)

    Chapeau Mickael ;)

  4. reMuniz says:

    Cool game!
    i’m really happy with road of starling/AIR :D

  5. 유대인들의 새해 맞이…

    Smart Aliens – A social hangman powered by AIR and Starling –…


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