Ruby Blast

Today Zynga announced the release of Ruby Blast on iOS, with an Android version coming soon. The game is using AIR and is powered by Starling. If you recall, a few months ago Zynga announced the desktop version of Ruby Blast, which is also using Stage3D.

Thanks to AIR, Zynga was able to produce mobile versions of Ruby Blast in a record time by reusing the same Stage3D engine (Starling) enabling best productivity. The use of "Monocle" was also key in bringing the best performance possible across desktop and mobile.

During the development, some optimizations proposed by the team at Zynga were implemented back in Starling which allows all developers using Starling to benefit from these optimizations. It is amazing to see the momentum right now around Starling, the number of contributions increasing every day, and great extensions being released at a rapid pace like Dragon Bones recently, a 2D skeleton animation solution with Flash Pro support.

But we are not stopping there, expect from us some great news in the next weeks. If you are around on December 3rd, join us at Adobe San Francisco for an exclusive event and see where Adobe is going with gaming.

See you there! ;)