If you guys have been reading this blog for a while, you may remember that post about querying graphics data. I really wanted this back in the days for AlivePDF to query any DisplayObject to export vector based PDF instead of rasterized vectors in the PDF. But this features gives much more, you can represent anything as a GraphicsData object and serialize that into XML if you need to store a DisplayObject anywhere.

If you need to generate spritesheets at runtime, export to any kind of format, like SVG, you can get that level of granularity, so much stuff to do with it. Some things are not entirely supported yet like some gradients, but we will keep improving it. Here is a little video about it, explaining how it works and a simple demo. As always, thanks Chris for the cute assets:

Query Graphics Data - getGraphicsData() from Thibault Imbert on Vimeo.