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Project “Monocle”, profiling taken to the next level

10.17.12 Posted in Actionscript 3, Inside the Flash Player, Monocle by

Adobe project "Monocle"Back in August, I posted a sneak peek video of project "Monocle" the next-generation profiling tool for ActionScript based content. Last week at GDC online, I gave a talk entitled "Changing the game" and demoed Monocle. Again, the feedback we had was unbelievable.

I have been using Flash for 13 years now and I have seen lots of cool things happening in Flash. The introduction of AMF in Flash Player 6 (Flash Remoting) allowing fast and efficient RPC communications taking care of serialization for you (AMFPHP, anyone? Props to Patrick Mineault). Damn, that was nice. The introduction of BitmapData in Flash Player 8, which enabled so much expressiveness and Flash Player 9 with ActionScript 3 and a world of new possibilities. I think Monocle is the next big thing happening to Flash, it will just revolutionize the way we work with Flash Player and AIR.

I got lots of emails and tweets from people asking to get on the prerelease. I am really excited to announce that all of you guys can now get access to "Monocle"!

Please register, test Monocle, look for bugs, give us feedback! So what do you need to get started?

1. Register here.
2. Download Flash Builder 4.7 Game Development Beta 2 with Project Monocle Support.
3. Compile your project and make sure the compiler option "Enable Detailed Telemetry" is enabled. Joseph Labrecque has posted great details here.
4. If you are using Flash Pro or have existing SWFs you don't want to recompile. We provide a little python script to post process you SWF and make them profilable.

I hope you guys will love it. Enjoy!

Update 01/10/13: Project "Monocle" is now Adobe Scout and has been released through the Game Developer Tools on Creative Cloud. More details here:

32 Responses to “Project “Monocle”, profiling taken to the next level”

  1. Pleh says:

    I’m so excited, I’m registering now!

  2. mama says:

    you forget in the introduction of the “Object undo mode” in Future Splash !

  3. Quentin says:

    The Windows version only works with a 64 bits operating system?
    No 32 bits version?

  4. Thibault Imbert says:

    Hi Quentin,

    Yes, correct. Monocle will be 64bit only.


  5. Nick says:

    Hello Thibault!
    Thank you for sharing this! I look forward to experimenting with it.

  6. Kahlil says:

    When i sign in it just thanks me for applying to ‘flash player prerelease program’ with apparently acceptance pending. Also, is the 4.7 beta the same one from my creative cloud membership?

  7. What’s with the FlashBuilder “Game Development” branding?? Makes no sense since:
    1) It provides no framework at all for game development.
    2) It can be used to build applications.

    Just curious what you hombres are thinkin’ over there :)

  8. Thibault Imbert says:

    Hi Shawn,

    For the Game Development branding, I agree that right now it may sound confusing. But in a few months, it will make more sense, more to share soon ;)

    Trust me, it will make sense!


  9. Haha you’re such a tease, but OK!

  10. David Q Hogan says:

    I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a tool, I just know this is going to help the performance of our codebase on Mobile devices. Thanks especially for the post processing script, our project is so long running that I still need to produce the SWF using Flash Pro (the .fla has migrated it all the way up from CS3!)

  11. David Q Hogan says:

    Wow, it took almost no time at all to integrate into my build script, and I cannot believe the visibility into everything I am now getting .. unbelievable.

  12. juako says:

    I share the feeling David =), like a kid with a new toy.
    This its going to change how we program in flash.
    My firts try:
    I just tried my 2d stage3d engine and made some changes. I was using byteArrays to upload my vertexs, what I didn’t knew was the cost of writeFloat. I changed the implementation to use a fixed vector and now its a little bit faster =D

  13. david mouton says:

    Many thanks for this amazing profiling tool.

  14. Jesper Stærkær says:

    1) WOW
    2) THANKS
    3) Works great. Love it. Gonna change everything I do and how I do it.
    4) What a tease about “Game development”, super excited.
    5) Question: Monocle itself being an _great_ AIR app, any articles or tutorials planned for letting us learn more about creating such a snappy and responsive panel interface?
    6) Of course I have tried to profile Monocle itself. Profilingception.
    7) Thank’s again. Really.

  15. Diavlo says:

    Is Flasg Builder 7 or nex ver. will be only for a game dev or we could build app like befeore ?

  16. Carlos says:

    Many Thanks Adobe,I’m registering to this amazing tool.

  17. are there any demos says:

    I’m interested in making visualizers for music any tutorials for that?

    - Shawn

  18. Alexis B. says:

    64bit only? That’s unfortunate…

  19. David Q Hogan says:

    First thing i’d love to see added would be the ability to record display list snapshots that you could display under the redraw heat map, etc. Even if the snapshots were scaled down, just having an idea of what was displayed at the time would be awesome.

  20. [...] Monocle is now available to everyone via the FB 4.7 Beta2 I guess its okay for me to now post these slides. Posted by admin adobe, [...]

  21. anthony says:

    Impressive, theres hope for Flash yet.

  22. Jesper Stærkær says:

    Any idea on a framework/library for creating these great floating/docking panels?

  23. ktu says:

    awesome! there is so much information to look at!

    i recorded 90 seconds of a swf i compiled.
    i selected all of the frames, and looked at the summary panel.
    of the ‘active’ categories, it was ‘other overhead’ that spent the most time (about 50%!). upon looking at the Top Activities panel, it claims that ‘running as2 attached to frame’ took up 14% of the total active time!

    i have no as2 anywhere in this project! why is this happening?

    thanks for an amazing tool!!!

  24. Jon says:

    I’ve been eager to test this since Deepa demoed it at Max 2011, but I’m still getting “Thanks for applying” in the prerelease site :-(

  25. Javier Corra says:


    It’s a huge evolution in AS development, kinnda like going from AS2 to AS3.

  26. DMeville says:

    I’m in the same boat as Jon. I’ve been waiting to give this a go for a while now, and now that’s it’s out I’m stuck on the “Thanks for applying” screen. Can’t wait to see what Monocle can do!

  27. Jeremy Friesen says:

    Yeah, I’m also still stuck at the “thanks for applying screen”. Hopefully it will just go onto Labs soon!

  28. Boorik says:

    Really nice tool, arriving at good time for me (optimizing big app)

    I just want to know if there is some early documentation available. I’m using a french version of monocle and when i need some information on a property like “Exécution des balises SWF pour l’image” google let me die in my tears.

  29. [...] I seriously love the graphics. The game is powered by Starling and the team used ATF textures and project Monocle for performance optimizations and some ActionScript Native Extensions for in-App purchase and other [...]

  30. 13Flo says:

    Thibault, the link is broken. Even if I go to then click on “Download Flash Builder 4.7 beta” I get an error page…

    Could you tell us where we can download Flash Builder 4.7 beta?


  31. Thibault Imbert says:

    Hi 13Flo,

    This is unexpected. You should get to a login form then be brought to the downloads. Have you tried with another browser? You don’t see the login page at all?


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