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SWF Versioning

10.13.12 Posted in Actionscript 3, Inside the Flash Player by

I am sure some of you guys have been confused in the past about the SWF versioning and which version to use when targeting Flash Player or AIR.
Romil in the past posted a little table with the history. I decided to give it a little update that you can then bookmark.
We will have this posted as an official reference on livedocs soon, but for now here it is!

JavaScript version
Relation with ECMAScript
JavaScript 1.1ECMA-262 - Edition 1 is based on JavaScript 1.1.
JavaScript 1.2ECMA-262 was not complete when JavaScript 1.2 was released. JavaScript 1.2 is not fully compatible with ECMA-262 - Edition 1.
JavaScript 1.3JavaScript 1.3 is fully compatible with ECMA-262 Edition 1. JavaScript 1.3 resolved the inconsistencies that JavaScript 1.2 had with ECMA-262 while keeping all the additional features of JavaScript 1.2 except == and != which were changed to conform with ECMA-262.
JavaScript 1.4JavaScript 1.4 is fully compatible with ECMA-262 Edition 1. The third version of the ECMAScript specification was not finalized when JavaScript 1.4 was released.
JavaScript 1.5JavaScript 1.5 is fully compatible with ECMA-262 Edition 3.

10 Responses to “SWF Versioning”

  1. Henke37 says:

    Man did things diverge quickly. There is no resemblance at all between the version numbers anymore.

  2. Baptiste says:

    Salut Thibault, pas ton mail alors voilà…
    J’ai lâchement abandonné flash en final mais je t’adore toujours!
    J’espère que tout va super pour toi depuis notre rencontre cher regard il y’a quelques années maintenant pour une formation as3 expert hyper intéressante. Je me suis difficilement mus au html mais senti bien obligé….
    Voilà bon courage de ton côté pour la suite

  3. RetroModular says:

    It’s good that Adobe are creating a dedicated livedocs page for this. I normally dig around the SDK descriptor files for these numbers but having them online will be handy :)

    One possible reason for the divergence is the SWF file format, it can only hold integer based SWF version numbers :)

  4. Gabriel says:

    Could you also list the TLF versions according to the Flex Builder/Flash Professional builds? I know there is 3 versions out but no idea which has what. It’s pretty ridiculous.

    ALso what version of Flash Professional/Flex Builder can publish by default. Thanks!

  5. Poco says:

    Would be great if you were more careful updating the documentation, too. For example, what’s up with this? “NetStream.Seek.Complete”, try to find it in the docs. Other example: TextField.selectedText – ditto. Should we just deduct these things?…

  6. ben w says:

    will there be an 11.6 or should we be expecting 12 / flash player next?

  7. HB says:

    According to the Flash Player roadmap, I’d say next FP version will be Flash 12.

  8. Very useful!! Thanks!

  9. [...] с версиями FLash Player, AIR и SWF товарищ Thibault две недели назад опубликовал красивую таблицу, которая решает этот вопрос. Для себя я опубликую [...]


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