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AIR 3.2 RC SDK available on Adobe Labs!

02.27.12 Posted in Actionscript 3, Flash on mobile, Flash Player, Molehill by

Adobe AIR 3.2 SDKWe are so excited to announce the availability of AIR 3.2 (Release Candidate) with Stage3D support for mobile.
Download it now on Adobe Labs.

Flash Player and AIRYou will be able to develop fully GPU accelerated mobile content with AIR 3.2 for iOS and Android using the same Stage3D APIs you are using today on the desktop.

It allows you to distribute AIR captive runtime versions of apps, enabling you to publish apps immediately to marketplaces such as the iOS App Store, Android Market, and Amazon Appstore. We recommend that you update your applications with the GM build when it is available.

And this is just the beginning of the surprises we have for you, this is going to be an exciting year. The team cannot wait to see what you guys will create, what we have received already from developers on our prerelease looks stunning, as usual I am sure you guys will find very creative ways to use Stage3D for all types of content.

Let us know the content you create by posting a comment here or letting me know through Twitter.
At the same time we are also making available the release candidate of Flash Player 11.2.

Below a video of Lee and I to demonstrate what AIR 3.2 will enable, showcasing some content already produced by the community:


59 Responses to “AIR 3.2 RC SDK available on Adobe Labs!”

  1. [...] behind it – it takes time to mature and evolve. Stage3D finally arrived in the latest AIR 3.2 RC version, and apps are getting approved that demonstrate it is possible to have true, full cross-platform [...]

  2. [...] technology behind it – it takes time to mature and evolve. Stage3D finally arrived in the latest AIR 3.2 RC version, and apps are getting approved that demonstrate it is possible to have true, full cross-platform [...]

  3. Olivier says:


    J’étais tout content de voir la 3.2 sortir avec (d’après ce que j’ai compris) le support de stageVideo pour les appli desktop Air.
    J’ai tout à jour tout bien compilé (normalement =) flex_sdk_4.6.0.23201B maj sdk Air 3.2 + runtime Air 3.2 plus playerglobal.swc 11.2 namespace 3.2) avec une installation native (.exe) et j’ai toujours les stageVideo dispo à 0

    Donc c’était juste pour savoir si on pouvait bien disposer pour une appli desktop Air 3.2 de la décompression matérielle du stageVideo avec une astuce à la compilation ou je met mon projet à la poubelle.

    Un grand merci pour cette précision qui pour moi devient très inquiétante.

  4. Thibault Imbert says:

    Bonjour Olivier,

    StageVideo pour AIR desktop n’est pas supporte dans AIR 3.2. Nous pensons l’integrer dans une future version. Je suis d’accord que cela n’est pas ideal aujourd’hui cela fragmente StageVideo mais on travaille la dessus!


  5. Olivier says:

    Merci Thibault en tout cas d’avoir répondu, après des heures sur le net mais sans rien de très clair je me doutais de la réponse. Plutôt que de le mettre à la poubelle je vais essayer en deux parties Air+projecteur flash mais bon…
    La finalité est une appli pour du digital signage qui tourne bien mais que j’aurai bien aimé rendre plus propre et sans serveur local.

    Amitié et bonne continuation pour ce super travail.

  6. Dan says:

    Hi Thibault – when is 11.2 likely to be released? I ask because we have an app that would really benefit from the right click event as a replacement for the context menu with a release date of early april that we would LOVE to target to 11.2. Any rough dates?

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