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Free your mouse – Coming soon to a Flash Player near you.

10.31.11 Posted in Flash Player by

We have been working on a little feature that should make game developers happy, we hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Evan Miller says:

    Yeah! First person games with good controls! So many more options for devs with this.

    Thanks for the preview. Now get unrestricted fullscreen input in the player by the year end and I’ll worship at your feet! :)

  2. Durss says:

    Now we just need an interactive fullscren mod to be able to use the whole keyboard, and we’ll have all we need to do real games \o/ !

    Thanks for adding this feature that was really needed and awaited! :)
    Hope we’ll have it soon!

  3. Nice!
    When!? :)
    What about stage3D mobile?


  4. devu says:

    Great! Now free right click and we are sorted :)

  5. Thibault Imbert says:

    Hi Devu,

    Right click will also be part of this feature ;)

    Hi Jorge,

    Stage3D for mobile is planned for middle of next year, but we are working hard on it to make it more like beginning of next year ;)


  6. VisitorG says:


    One of the many features we have been waiting for so long, finally.

    No sarcasm here, really just some positive feeling about this.

    For a while, afters years of the same stupid limits and problems with Flash I started to lose my love for it.
    You have been making everything all right lately and it is getting even better.

    So much for the death of Flash.
    Adobe finaly understood: just give us what we want, we will do the rest!

    Continue like that!
    - Right clic (not only on mouse lock)
    - Full keyboard at full screen
    - Fonts and SVG support at runtime.

    Also, communication over bluetooth for some quick desktop / mobile communication would be awsome.

    And a poney.

    Thanks a lot.

    PS: And please, don’t make limitations like “mouse lock only on full screen”
    Make it needing a whitelisting from the user, cancelable with “Escape” or something like that, but don’t give us a half backed solution.

  7. Jón Trausti says:

    Woohoo, awesome job!! One limitation eliminated, now increase the AGAL opcode limit, or even eliminate it! :D

  8. Jerome says:


    Et le wheel-click (aka middle-click) en fera parti aussi ?

  9. Thibault Imbert says:

    Hi Jerome,

    Yes, middle click too.


  10. It’s not a fullscreen only thing is it? Someone above mentioned it, and that seems like a limitation that might be implemented. (As it’s secure to lock mouse in fullscreen, but not as good on a webpage)

    Many game portals don’t allow fullscreen, so hopefully it’s allowed anywhere.?

    (Click to activate, esc or something to release!)

  11. Thibault Imbert says:

    Hi VisitorG and Trent,

    The first phase of this feature will be fullscreen only. We designed the spec to allow also embedded scenarios.

    So in the end both scenarios will be supported, but fullscreen will be first, then embedded.

    Right and middle click events though are supported in all scenarios.


  12. yesutin says:

    Yhoooo!!! Here it is! Here it is! Fish of my dreams! Ideee-e-e-e!!!

  13. Jerome says:

    A bah c’est cool, c’est pour le 11.2 aussi?

  14. Jesus says:

    Hi Thibault,

    Im a Flex developer and I’ve allways a lot of problems with screen sizes.

    Sometimes the users access to the applications with a really small screens and the browsers bars make the problem even worse.

    I Know the user input blocking on fullscreen is for security reasons ,but is it really a problem?? somebody from adobe wrote that the problem would be that somebody can fake de OS ?¿?¿? is a joke?? is that the problem??

    Why don’t allow the user input on full screen???

  15. Thibault Imbert says:

    Hi Jerome,

    Who knows :)


  16. pete shand says:

    hell yeah!!!! you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this!!!

  17. Shane Hoffa says:

    Oh yeah! Can’t wait! Release! Release! Release! Good job guys!

  18. sascha says:

    This is good news indeed! I’m curious how Adobe will solve this for web-embedded Flash.

  19. bekom says:

    “lock your mouse” :).
    Any chance we get gamepads with this release? I think 360 + PC combo would cover most of the scenarios.

  20. hayesmaker says:

    what exactly is he doing in the vid that couldn’t be done b before? apart from faster 3d rendering, which i thought we already had with Stage3D?


  21. NemoStein says:

    @hayesmaker, today, when the cursor (mouse) hit the sides of the screen, it stops.

    When this feature (mouse lock) get release, this won’t happen anymore, so we’ll be able to build FPS and such much more easily.

    @Thibault, as already asked before, will you release this as part of 11.2? (please, do so!).

    Is there any schedule to release the embedded version?
    The fullscreen only limitation makes it useless for the most of us.
    Game portals won’t allow us to go fullscreen, and even if they do, the user wouldn’t…

    On the other side, controls on fullscreen could make this new feature (mouse lock) much more usefull, as we could make AIR games to desktops.

    This kind of limitations on each mode kills each other.

    ps: I can’t tell you how much I love your work. Thank you!

  22. Feels good to be heard. :)

    Next step for browser-based gaming: a proper, fast and efficient offline storage, independent from the browser cache. So we’ll be able to store textures and meshes offline. And upload those data directly to the VRAM (yeah, I’m dreaming).

  23. Alex says:

    Very good news! I also want to ask about the possibility to use Error.getStackTrace() not only at Debug time. Do you think in that direction ?

  24. wickedpixel says:

    Magic Mouse – hold your fingers in the air, because that is ergonomic in the Apple mind.

  25. chris says:

    Wicked work,I hope you guys can keep the motivation to push flash to be on the bleeding edge of what’s possible for the web.

    There is an impending wave of quake live alternatives about to explode in a year or so.

    So is this why I havent seen a demo of the unreal engine for people to test???

  26. Phil says:

    Sounds awesome!
    Does this mean a developer can set a custom sensitivity for the mouse/crosshair?

  27. Sean says:

    Awesome! Keep these great improvements coming.

    Love the double arm raise w00t in the video :)

  28. Sandro Manke says:

    is this also going to be part of the production alchemy? we are all waiting strongly for that!

  29. Arindam Biswas says:

    Any updates on Stage3D for mobile?
    Would the android flash player for the browser get that support?
    Would Android, iOS and Blackberry have support for Stage3D in apps built using the AIR SDK?

  30. IQpierce says:

    sooooo gamepad support? coming to AIR 3 for desktop, right? right?

  31. [...] direction to scroll further. An example can be seen here with it’s current implementation in Flash. The w3c specs that we will be following for the Mouse Lock API can be found [...]


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