Last week at FITC, Lee Brimelow demoed Molehill running in AIR on a mobile platform (Android) for the first time. It seems like you guys liked it! :) As we stated earlier, Molehill has been designed from the ground up with mobile in mind, on mobile platforms Molehill (Stage3D) is using OpenGL ES2.

You guys will be able to leverage the Molehill APIs on mobile platforms for 2D and 3D rendering, for you guys who did not attend FITC, here is a little video demoing Molehill on Android through AIR. The same code is reused for the desktop version and then pushed to mobile :

Molehill - Tablet demo from Thibault Imbert on Vimeo.

This demo illustrates a common thing in 3D like cube map textures for reflections and is one of the demo from our test suite, so we have many little demos like this. I will be posting more complex examples soon! :)