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Sneak Peek of Future of the Flash Runtime!

04.11.11 Posted in 3D, Actionscript 3, Flash Player, Inside the Flash Player, Video by

Future of the Flash RuntimeFor those who have missed this, Arno Gourdol, leading the Flash Runtime engineering team presented a session at Flash Camp Brasil last week entitled, Future of the Flash Runtime. Arno unveiled some very cool features we are working on right now, and I wanted to make sure you guys know about those in case you did not luckily attend Arno's session.

If you are curious about the slides, you can download them here.

Here are some of the features we are working on :

- Faster GC : GC hint API and more.
- New numeric types : float and float4 (very useful for Molehill in the future).
- Concurrency : Worker threads (shared nothing model) to leverage multicore CPU's. No more UI 's blocked when doing expensive operations.
- Stage3D : The API used for Molehill (that you know through the Incubator builds).
- StageVideo : Allowing full GPU acceleration (decoding + blitting) when used with H.264. Part of Flash Player 10.2 and coming to AIR soon.
- Threaded video pipeline : Will decode non H.264 streams on another thread (H.264 being decoded by the GPU), Net I/O will also be moved to another thread, all this bringing smoother playback.

I will be covering some of those in more details later on, stay tuned! :)

54 Responses to “Sneak Peek of Future of the Flash Runtime!”

  1. Ezell Burke says:

    Yes concurrency!! This is what I am talking about!!

  2. luke says:

    Who needs that junk? Performance is the least of the problems with the GC, make it stable and predictable then worry about speed. 3D is about the least important thing to worry about. Sure it will be nice, but it would be nicer to have a half-intelligent compiler, more language features (generics, better introspection, overloaded operators, virtual classes), a stable text engine that doesn’t leak like a torpedoed battle-ship, and a faster runtime. Stop adding bloat! Except for threading, you can put that in :)

  3. Nige says:

    Any news on the release of threading? I’m putting all my Flash Building to bed till its out!

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