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What can you do with bytes ? – Updated!

03.14.11 Posted in Actionscript 3, ByteArray, Discovering Actionscript 3, Inside the Flash Player by

What can you do with bytes ?It has been hard to find time for writing lately, but this week end I found the time to finish the chapter 2 of What can you do with bytes ? I know I am late, but I hope you guys will like this second chapter. At the Flash Gaming Summit I remember meeting a developer who asked for updates on this project, so good timing! :)

It contains more than 50 pages about miscellaneous things related to ByteArray, from PDF or image files generation, custom serialization/deserialization, runtime compression, sound manipulation, or complex parsers. It also highlights a new sound API (loadMP3FromByteArray) available in the Incubator builds and how to use it.

I will try to maintain a good rhythm on updates! :)

22 Responses to “What can you do with bytes ? – Updated!”

  1. gm says:

    Very good news! Thanks.

  2. I was checking every now and then your website for WCYDWB updates.

    Now, I gotta found the time to read this new chapter :).

    Keep up with this hard and nice work!

  3. I just started to work with flash as a hobby…. but now I think I am going become a serious developer….

  4. focus says:

    Its really in time! Just at the last week refreshed my memory with a first chapter. Thank you for the really good and valuable information.

  5. dams says:

    Thank you very much for this second chapter Thibault.
    Your work is very noticeable.
    Thanks to you we can better understand the source of flash and it is very important to make good progress with flash

  6. warsiz says:

    so many thanks !!!
    monsieur thibault !! ;o)

  7. Leandro Zanol says:

    Nice news!
    Congratulations for this book, it has been very useful! I’m devouring it!

  8. Sukei says:

    Tu es un grand homme!

  9. Sweet!! I’ve been waiting for it.

  10. Ps-spectre says:

    Thank you very much!
    Respect from Ukraine|Kiev

  11. Rafael Lima says:


  12. Alex says:

    loadMP3FromByteArray() is a VERY welcome addition! I was having to get around that by temporarily uploading mp3′s to my server and then downloading them back to the client – obviously this improvement will be much more efficient if it makes it into a release. Thanks!

  13. Adi says:

    thanks for making & sharing it . Good job :)

  14. Alex says:

    Since your team is looking at the audio code, I’d like to request a feature for system clock time stamps at the beginning of playback and recording. Right now, the best I can do is use getTimer() to check when I send samples to a SampleDataEvent for playback and when I receive samples from the microphone. Unfortunately I’m finding a lot of inconsistency with this method, and it makes it really tough to do time-sensitive operations, like lining up recorded audio. If there was some property that would tell me Flash’s best guess at when it received or sent audio data to the system, it would be very helpful and make some applications possible that really aren’t right now.

  15. Sun says:

    Hi,so glad to see ur update;I want to translate parts of chapter 2 to Chinese which can sharing ur knowledge to more people.I will add a link back to your blog and attach your name in the Chinese version.would u like?

  16. kevin says:

    this is awesome, thanks Thibault!

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  18. efish says:

    I hate loadMP3FromByteArray, because i had spent 1 month to implement the same feature – streaming mp3 bytes while sound is playing ;P

  19. taisen says:

    C’est une très bonne nouvelle ! Merci !

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