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Flash Player Future

11.08.10 Posted in Actionscript 3, AIR, Conference, Flash Player, Inside the Flash Player by

Here is a little video of the presentation I did in Adobe Paris office last month. In this video (in French sorry!) I present what we have been doing lately at Adobe in the runtimes team but also a sneak peek at the future with the StageVideo API.

I did a specific post for this, but now you can see the feature running live and see the value of it. Note that Tinic also did a sneak (1, 2) at Max.

After all the latest announcements at Max like Molehill or StageVideo, expect some more cool stuff very soon ;)

Update : Please find below a better version of the Max Sneaks with Tinic demoing StageVideo :

16 Responses to “Flash Player Future”

  1. mama says:

    j’ai connu des gens qui avaient commencé avec Flash 3 hahaha nickel ;)

  2. alex says:

    3’57 “Flash 8 début 2001″ !!!

    en plein décalage spatio-temporel ;-)

    Flash 8 c’était en 2005 !

  3. Viande says:

    L’arrivée du cosinus et sinus déjà c’était pas mal pour la trigo ;) Ca nous a évité de déclarer des tableaux à 360 entrées dans un champ de saisi de 100 pixels…

  4. reyco1 says:

    You really have to stop apologizing for doing stuff in French :) StageVideo is gonna rock!

  5. djumeau says:

    Moi, j’ai commencé avec Flash 4. Flash 5 au moins c’était tellement mieux.

  6. Thibault Imbert says:

    Aha bien vu Alex, desolé surement le décalage horaire ;)


  7. Jerome says:

    Mon dieu, merci Viande. J’ai eu un mega flashback avec la trigo avant cos et sin!!!

    Thibault: 2011, ça va être mortel!

  8. gludion says:

    Tiens faudrait que je poste mes jeux flash3… Personne a jamais capté comment je codais des variables, héhé!
    Heureusement, maintenant on peut simuler des portes logiques en box2D.

  9. Viande says:

    @Jerome, y’avait aussi la technique de faire tourner un clip de un pixel et de prendre son width et height ;)

  10. colorhook says:

    There is a plugin of AI for HTML5 canvas output, then what I want to know if there is a plugin for Flash also or this feature is under development at present. I need fall back to use canvas for animation on iOS platform while the open source javascript libraries, such as Gordon,can’t support bitmap. So can you tell me any resolution?

  11. McFunkypants says:

    If you are interested in learning a little more about the Molehill API I just wrote a short tutorial with example as3 source code. I can’t wait to dive into Molehill programming!

    Molehill Programming Tutorial:

    Thibault: is this correct? Some of the code is purely guesswork and untested. I would love your comments regarding whether I am on the right track.

    Keep up the wonderful work!

  12. Thach Duong says:

    Does AIR will be supported ?

  13. designgang says:

    more news about molehill 3d please :)

  14. jc says:

    Where can we find more information about when this will be available for Air on the desktop (Mac & Win) ? Also, H.264 gpu decoding for Mac desktop? I think I’m not alone in developers who could use this help NOW to convince my company + clients Air is the correct solution for our needs…



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