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Why you should go to FOTB!

08.31.10 Posted in Actionscript 3, Conference, Others by

Flash On The Beach - September 26-29thNext month is going to be exciting. A lot of the Adobe folks are going to be there at "Flash On The Beach" to present some cool stuff and hear about you. I always loved going to Flash on the Beach for multiple reasons, but especially because the atmosphere of this conference is pretty unique. I think John has a special recipe for this, I will ask him next time. Maybe his Gordon Ramsay style, I do not know.

I will be presenting the keynote with my Adobe buddies, Richard Galvan, Andrew Shorten and Doug Winnie. Each one of us will be showing you what we have been working on lately. Actually this will be the first time we cover so many stuff in this type of keynote. So yes, as a Flash developer or designer, why would you go there, you would ask me ?

First, because food is nice in Brighton. Ok, more seriously because as usual, the sessions and workshops look really good. I really do want to attend workshops on Sunday 26th and I really look forward to the famous elevator pitch session.

A lot of the Adobe folks will be there to listen to you during the conference and also on the Adobe Town Hall session. Also, this is going to be the last Adobe keynote before Max, so you may think : "Oh they won't show anything new there", well, this is not true. Don't tell me I did not warn you ;)

So grab some tickets guys, and I hope to see you there!

Update : Use this promo code, it will get 20% off ticket prices: BYTEFOTB

5 Responses to “Why you should go to FOTB!”

  1. Julien Terraz says:

    I’ll be there !

  2. Pedram says:

    just waiting….

  3. Almog Koren says:

    me too!

  4. Anybody going to spill the beans on Flash player 11? That would tempt me to make the trip over

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