Let me introduce the new version of ScaleBitmap :


I have totally rewritten ScaleBitmap to suit my needs :

  • Better usage of memory : no more creation of BitmapData instance (possibility to swap BitmapData)
  • Outer drawing capability
  • ScaleBitmapSprite

The outer drawing & ScaleBitmapSprite allows you to :

  • Easily deal with shadow, glow, overlapping icon effects
  • Use real size & position to align or place your elements

Usage 1 : ScaleBitmap

bitmap : BitmapData, // the bitmap source
graphic:Graphics, // the destination graphic
width:Number, // width (defined by outer rectangle if not null)
height:Number, // height (defined by outer rectangle if not null)
inner : Rectangle, // inner rectangle for scale 9
outer : Rectangle=null // outer rectangle : visual size reference

If outer is not null, ScaleBitmap use a negative offset for drawing (according to outer properties)
If outer is null, ScaleBitmap works as a classic Scale9 grid drawer

Usage 2 : ScaleBitmapSprite

bitmap : BitmapData, // the bitmap source
inner : Rectangle, // inner rectangle for scale 9
outer : Rectangle=null) // outer rectangle : visual size reference

var s:ScaleBitmapSprite=new ScaleBitmapSprite(mySkin, new Rectangle(20,20,80,20), new Rectangle(15,15,90,30));

ScaleBitmapSprite override public size setter & getter : you can move & resize a ScaleBitmapSprite object without taking care of bitmap outer drawing.

Simple MyButton class using ScaleBitmapSprite (click the button) :

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Sources FCS4 [ require Eaze to compile]

Download ScaleBitmap & ScaleBitmapSprite :
Repository : http://gist.github.com/264250

Some of you prefer gist, so as possible, I will share my new projects via gist.

Hope this class help & merry Xmas to bytearray readers.

[EDIT 2010-05-18]

A new version 1.1 is available !

Jerôme Decoster, a talented french developer have made a lot of improvements in this new version :

  • smooth support
  • invalidation for ScaleBitmapSprite
  • code optimization
  • inner drawing correction

So many thanks to you Jerôme :)

Repository : http://gist.github.com/264250