Hi everybody,

I have just finished a simple class which allows you to resize dynamically any Bitmap (just like the MovieClip.scale9Grid feature).


Open Source This project is OPEN SOURCE under RPL License.
2009-02-19 v1.2.2 scaleBitmap_v122.zip

The zip file contains :

  • the v1.2.2 ScaleBitmap class
  • a Flash CS3 demo file
  • a demo PNG Bitmap file

Some features :

  • dynamically set the scale9Grid parameter
  • use setSize() method
  • get the originalBitmapData instance
  • ScaleBitmap extends flash.display.Bitmap

Don't hesitate to post any comments/bugs :)


Alexandre Legout has contributed to this v1.2 ScaleBitmap which introduce these
new features :

  • bitmapData setter
  • redrawing scale9Grid optimization
  • null scale9Grid capability (restore the default Bitmap class behaviour)

Thanks Lalex :)