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Some Stage3D thoughts

A few months ago, we shipped Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 with Stage3D support, since we shipped we have seen great response from the developers and amazing content being developed. From Zombie Tycoon, the first Stage3D game available online, we have seen tanks and zombies destroying cities, cars doing rallys, Ben Franklin fighting the Dead Coats. Beyond games, we’ve also¬†seen an amazing car configurator for Nissan, and tons of

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Stage3D Max ’11 Sessions and keynote

For those of you guys who may have missed some of the Stage3D (Molehill) sessions at Max, I gathered a few of them below. Make sure you also check the Incubator session (last video) previewing some of the new stuff we are working on. Stage3D (Molehill) at the Adobe Max ’11 keynote : Flash Player 11 and Adobe AIR 3, changing the game : Developing 2D GPU games on top

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Handling scenarios with Stage3D (Molehill)

Yesterday, Terry Paton posted a note on Google Plus, about detecting different scenarios with Stage3D (Molehill), like is it running in software, or is Stage3D available in the Flash Player running my SWF ? It actually reminded me that a little explanation of the different scenarions may be helpful. It may sound complex at the beginning, but actually it is not, once you will have integrated this into your code,

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Particles with Stage3D (Molehill) and Flash Player 11

Just a quick post, to share this with you. I have been playing with particles with Stage3D and Flash Player 11 (running at 60fps on my MacBook Pro). Sources will be provided soon, here is a little video of a few tests : Update : This demo is available here (was produced with Starling)