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SWF and AMF3 specifications update

We are really happy to announce that we just updated the SWF (SWF19) and AMF3 specs with the latest information. I promised this to you guys a long time ago, this will give you the latest details if you are working with both formats. Some things were either missing inaccurate in both specs, so we fixed that. The AMF3 specification had some types missing like Vector and Dictionary that we introduced in Flash

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Adobe Scout Video Tutorials

I created an official Adobe Scout channel on Vimeo with some video tutorials, from getting started infos to deep dive. I will keep adding more and more videos over time. Let me know if there are any topics you are particularly interested in! Have a look: 1. Adobe Scout – Getting Started 2. Adobe Scout – Mobile Companion App 3. Adobe Scout – Deep Dive  4. Adobe Scout – Beta

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Stage3D compressed textures – Introducing the ATF SDK

We introduced Stage3D last year and the momentum behind has never stopped growing but there is one area we did not give all the details. The ATF file format, it is mentioned here and there, so what’s up with this? Some of you may have seen it in the documentation for Stage3D referred as the compressed texture file format, but we never shared any tools to create those famous ATF textures.

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Project “Monocle”, profiling taken to the next level

Back in August, I posted a sneak peek video of project “Monocle” the next-generation profiling tool for ActionScript based content. Last week at GDC online, I gave a talk entitled “Changing the game” and demoed Monocle. Again, the feedback we had was unbelievable. I have been using Flash for 13 years now and I have seen lots of cool things happening in Flash. The introduction of AMF in Flash Player

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SWF Versioning

I am sure some of you guys have been confused in the past about the SWF versioning and which version to use when targeting Flash Player or AIR. Romil in the past posted a little table with the history. I decided to give it a little update that you can then bookmark. We will have this posted as an official reference on livedocs soon, but for now here it is!

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