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A Deep Dive into Ten Innovative Flash projects

Last Wednesday, Michael and I, had another session at Adobe Max’09 called “A Deep Dive into Ten Innovative Flash projects”. This session was really funny to do with Michael and we’d like to thank you for attending it I realize while watching it, that I really should stop with this “I am French, sorry about that” joke Sorry Thomas for closing Adium during the session ! If there is any

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Free copies of “Pratique d’ActionScript 3″ !

I just received in my mailbox 4 author copies of my book “Pratique d’ActionScript 3″. What I want is to offer them to the community, so each week I will give away a free copy to the winner of the tiny following contest Just drop in the comments any feature you’d like to see one day in the Flash Player, the coolest idea will deserve a free book ! This

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Differences between Flash Player 9 and 10 regarding DisplayObject deactivation with the timeline

A subtle modification has been introduced in Flash Player 10 regarding DisplayObject’s deactivation on the timeline. In Flash Player 9, when the playhead reached a keyframe where a DisplayObject was no longer present (F5), the playhead was removing the DisplayObject through the removeChild method and passed the DisplayObject reference to null and that’s it : The thing is that your DisplayObject was still alive, to correctly deactivate it you had

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AlivePDF session – Adobe Max Europe 2007

I went to Adobe Max Europe in Barcelona and I was very surprised and happy when Michael Chaize from Adobe France came to me and asked if I was ok to talk about AlivePDF for the session called “Leveraging PDF within Adobe AIR applications”. I had to prepare my slides and a few demos in a few hours while I was eating Everything went fine and the audience was very

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AlivePDF 0.1.2 Easier saving process !

Recently I noticed that the saving process was a problem in the previous release of AlivePDF. This 0.1.2 release includes a few new methods and especially one called savePDF which lets you save the PDF very easily. A little demo is better than words : A Flash animation should have appeared here, but it seems that your browser has an older version of the Flash Player or it is not

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