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Just received the Starling books! Grab one!

01.19.13 Posted in Actionscript 3, Stage3D, Starling by

What a cool surprise today, I received the print copies of the Starling book. For recall, the book has been available for a year now at O’Reilly’s website as a downloadable ebook. I read lots of digital books but I still enjoy reading stuff the old school way, I am sure you do too. Adobe […]

Query Graphics Data – Live demo

01.17.13 Posted in Actionscript 3 by

I wanted to post the demo of the example I posted the other day as a video. It is using the new Query Graphics API we are introducing in Flash Player 11.6/AIR 3.6. Make sure you have Flash Player 11.6 and check the demo below. Just click anywhere to sample the graphical objects from the […]

30 Rock – Tina Fey is sad about Flash Player 11.4

01.16.13 Posted in Actionscript 3 by

Don’t worry Tina, Flash Player 11.4 is doing ok, we are taking good care of it

Angry Birds Star Wars powered by Starling

12.18.12 Posted in Actionscript 3, Stage3D, Starling by

A new version of Angry Birds has been launched recently by our friends at Rovio, please meet Angry Birds Star Wars! Note that Angry Birds earlier this year (February 2012) was the first super popular game to use the Stage3D APIs through the use of the Starling framework. We are super excited to see this new version also […]

Make your SWFs profilable with Scout

12.14.12 Posted in Actionscript 3, Adobe Scout by

I wanted to post a quick note about enabling your SWFs for Adobe Scout. There has been lots of discussions on Twitter and forums about that. Actually, this is something we have not really documented entirely and we will fix that very soon. Don’t forget you can ask your questions on the Adobe Scout forum, […]
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