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Swift: ARC vs Flash GC

07.08.14 Posted in Actionscript 3, Swift by

In ActionScript 3, memory is managed through the help of a garbage collector that allocates and deallocate objects through the application lifecycle. The garbage collector (GC) allocates memory when a new object is created, scans the objects graph periodically, detects unreferenced objects and deallocated them, pretty useful. AS3 is not the only language that relies on […]

Swift: Overflowing

06.29.14 Posted in Actionscript 3, Swift by

As you guys know, I always loved playing with binary stuff, and one of the frustrating thing in ActionScript has always been the lack of more granular data types. In ActionScript 3, whatever type you use, it will either occupy 64 or 32 bits in memory, even for a simple boolean. Not super optimized. So if you […]

PlayScript, AS3 on steroids, powered by Mono

04.05.13 Posted in Actionscript 3 by

Zynga released this week an open-source project called PlayScript, allowing ActionScript 3 developers to target mobile platforms leveraging the Mono runtime. For the context, Mono is an open-source implementation of the .NET runtime, with support for C#, F# and other languages. You want to develop or reuse a library developed with these languages? Like an […]

SWF and AMF3 specifications update

01.30.13 Posted in Actionscript 3, Inside the Flash Player by

We are really happy to announce that we just updated the SWF (SWF19) and AMF3 specs with the latest information. I promised this to you guys a long time ago, this will give you the latest details if you are working with both formats. Some things were either missing inaccurate in both specs, so we fixed that. The […]

Understanding Flash Player with Adobe Scout

01.22.13 Posted in Actionscript 3 by

Michael and Mark from the Scout team just published an awesome article on the internals of Flash Player and how it relates to Scout. I am sure you guys will love it. The article is available here on Devnet. The article starts with an overview, then dives into details like how Flash Player instances work, […]
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